Class Testimonials 

What did you find most valuable about the Physio-Yoga classes?


  • Your passion comes through in the classes and enhances the class much more

  • I love the way things are explained and there are always options to accommodate all levels. Great instructor, awesome classes, terrific people - just a great place to be mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Just made such a difference in my pain level and I can feel a lot more strength in my core.

  • An awesome combination of lessons, humour, and instruction. I  love this class.

  • The strength, flexibility, balance and calm that come from it. I love it when Denise shares her vast knowledge of physiology, yoga, energy, and general health and well-being.

  • Mix of yoga and physio, physiology, anatomy - especially the anatomy information and explanations. Super instruction at a level I can understand.

  • The intricate depth of knowledge/experience and subtle (and numerous) varieties on classic yoga has breathed new life into my practice. Thanks for the pelvic floor teaching too - very valuable.

  • Everything!! The class helps my mind, body and soul. Love that Denise helps me do poses/exercises correctly so I don't injure myself. Denise is an amazing teacher.

  • I like that I can completely focus on my practice with complete trust that what I'm doing is safe for my body. The class is just right with good modifications to make it easier or harder.

  • Since taking this class I feel it has helped me to be a lot more flexible. Which in my early 60's has been a great experience. I wish I had found this class and Denise years ago.

  • It has changed my life. I can do things now that I thought I would never be able to do again. I feel stronger all the time.

  • Best yoga class I have taken in 15 years! Thank you for the experience.

  • Very personalized and she takes into account your injuries. Gives options to prevent further injury. Education and information including pictures/illustrations. Redirection of exercises to get the most benefit and information on how to apply to life.

  • I have been attending classes for over 3 years as per recommendation of my doctor. My doctor has been very pleased with my progress and reported that after my testing that my bone density along my spine had increased. I had osteopenia and now it is within normal limits. I am 64!

  • What we learn both physically and mentally. I also love that I'm getting stronger.

  • The explanations about why we were doing what we were doing.

  • It's a good core workout.

  • I love that Denise describes the stretches and poses in detail so I can do them SAFELY.

  • I've learned what a difference "breathing correctly" can make.

  • A couple of years ago I never even considered trying yoga, now I can't imagine my life without it!!!

  • Learning which movements work with my injury.

  • Denise's invaluable guidance and joie-de-vivre.

  • I always learn something.  It's an hour of free mind and tuning into my body.

  • Made me more aware of my posture and I correct myself during the day.  My back is no longer in constant pain.

  • My energy is great and I sleep better the nights I do yoga.

  • Feeling free of pain after the class and throughout the night.

  • I feel more relaxed and that I have better posture and it helps with dance.

  • Positive attitudes with everyone including my good friends in the class.

  • That it is very helpful and fun to do with friends.

  • You learn how to exercise when you are at home and just at class.

  • That it was the correct way of doing poses good for you.

"You have a great program in your yoga classes - the awareness and focus on the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor and iliocostalis. Now all this supplemented with the FMS stuff - you've got a passion for bringing this functional movement to the public that I've only seen in a few other people (some internet persons included). I am aware of this now, and will continue to be a student of yours till my body won't enable it any longer."


Thanks for your passion for my and your other student's quality of life through your continued learning and teaching of correct functional movement."

"Before I came to Denise and these classes, I was in chronic pain and weakness for a decade.  After 2 years of classes I am rarely in pain and I am actually increasing in strength and mobility.  I feel confidence in my body alignment and have learned so much.  I am very grateful."

"Love that this (class) is taught by an expert in yoga and physio."

"The Energy Medicine surprised me at the benefits I received."

"I know this has made improvements and that it has been the best thing for me."

"Denise explains to fully understand.  I can work at my own pace."

"Loved the classes! Make a video and sell it!"

"Learning how much I enjoy yoga. How good it makes me feel."

"The structure of the core/yoga class builds on a foundation of proper muscle use to strengthen and prevent injury. I have years of yoga experience but in my class at Sunshine Physio I became aware of muscles I wasn't using properly. Mobilizing my pelvic floor has changed how my body responds to a pose. I am a fan and a convert!"

"Incredible direction and teaching.  (I) Was able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again."


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